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CT Comms provides specialist Project Support Services across the UK.

We make sure that we understand the unique requirements of every project and provide precise and detailed scheduling, access arrangements, supplier deliveries, progress reports and escalations.

We have vast experience of working on large scale roll-out programmes and we have the capability to provide individual solutions to meet the specific needs of each project.

Our Project Support Services are fully tailored to fit each project, pulling together best practices and procedures to ensure quality and consistent delivery.

CT Comms provides a three phased approach. Our Project Support Services include:


We recognise that each project has unique requirements and we are pleased to offer a bespoke service. We work with our customers on every project to ensure all aspects are well planned and all factors are considered before the start date.


We work with our customers to ensure the project is running smoothly during the entire project process. If there is an issue it is escalated immediately, not pushed back until the project is completed, ensuring the project is delivered on time with no outstanding issues.


We provide our customers with the information required and collate the information from the deployment teams when it is needed. Our PRO Reporting Service provides and maintains real-time reports and thorough records, and monitors progress on each installation.

Key Benefits

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