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CT COMMS specialise in providing Wireless Communications Services and Solutions to IT Resellers and their clients.

We have extensive knowledge and experience of installing and supporting point-to point and point-to-multipoint wireless communications solutions, deploying technologies such as Free Space Optics, Millimeter Wave, Microwave and unlicensed Radio.

We can provide pre-sales help and advice, bid support, attend client meetings and install, maintain and support any of the products or services in our portfolio and are flexible and experienced enough to be able to support numerous non-core products that are not currently in our portfolio, but may be the preferred choice of a particular reseller. We can work entirely on your behalf as a third party supplier or as a recommended or suggested 'wireless' partner.

Our Portfolio

Free Space Optics or laser offers significant performance and cost benefits when compared to traditional leased line or external cable laying services.

When buildings need to be connected typically up to 2KM apart or less, Free Space Optics offers high speed, reliable and secure communications.

Millimeter Wave products provide solutions where services such as Lan Extension and other leased line alternatives are expensive or not possible to install. Services to connect across roads, busy urban areas, rivers, difficult terrain or campus developments can be very costly or cannot be achieved by conventional methods. Millimeter Wave systems provide an economical and effective solution, avoiding ongoing leased service costs.

Microwave Radio is an established technology used by telecommunication operators and organisations where quality of service is ensured through careful frequency and link planning. High performance microwave radios use licensed frequencies in the common 6-38GHz bands.

Unlicensed Radio offers low cost, high performance, carrier-class broadband radio with throughput up to 300Mbps in unlicensed bands. OFDM radios have superior throughput, features and performance and are widely used in Enterprise, Wireless ISP, Government, and CCTV security applications.

Key Benefits

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